Fargo, ND Spy Shop

Cell North / The Spy Shop

For over 9 years, Cell North / The Spy Shop has provided high quality personal protection items in Fargo, ND Moorhead, MN and surrounding areas.

We are the only company that sells counter-surveillance equipment, spy equipment, and covert spy equipment in the area.  We have whatever kind of equipment you need for personal protection needs, including camera security systems for homes and businesses.

Stop in or visit www.spyshopsonline.com to check out our hundreds of items from personal protection to complete security systems.

Some Of Our Spy Shop Products Include:

  • Batons
  • Camera systems
  • Pepper spray
  • Alarm systems
  • Stun guns

We also provide an extensive selection of covert spy products including listening devices, hidden cameras, phone recording devices, and detection devices. Visit our Online Store at www.spyshopsonline.com to view a complete list of our products.

Contact Cell North / The Spy Shop at 701-239-7000 today, and see exactly why we're one of the leaders in our industry, and for more information about our Satellite TV and Internet Services.

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